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What Sets us Apart?

Older people in our community play an important role in today’s world – with a wealth of knowledge and life experiences just waiting to be shared. Mostly, they have helped shape our country in some way or another and should receive the respect, kindness, and dignity that they deserve.

Christadelphian Aged Care offers all of this and so much more. Not only do we provide exceptional care to all of our residents, but we also strive to adhere to our mission of catering to the spiritual and emotional needs of everyone in our Homes.

Being a Bible-based community, we believe this is a way we can reflect the love that Jesus Christ has shown and continues to show to all of us. By caring for the aged and frail, we are demonstrating His mercy and compassion in a practical and rewarding way.

The provision of emotional support in our aged care Homes is essential to the well-being and comfort of all of our residents.

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At this time in their lives, our elderly residents may feel that their lives lack direction and meaning, that may lead them to feeling depressed and alone in the world.

This is of course not the way we want them to feel, which is why building a strong emotional support base is so important. Our residents truly feel like they belong to a community who want to hear their life stories and who value their opinions.

We have well-trained, professional and empathetic carers and staff. We know that our residents have lived incredible lives, and with the assistance and encouragement of our allied health, lifestyle, and care teams, they are continuing their story with us.

What We Offer

Catering to all Australians, we provide our residents both their independence in the form of retirement villages, as well as dedicated care through our 24-hour nursing homes. This makes the transition from self-sufficiency to dependency that much easier.

The minimal disruption ensures that our residents do not feel overwhelmed and are more accepting of the changes associated with this new phase of their lives.

With more than 70 years’ worth of experience, our Aged Care Homes provide physical assistance, and also offer so much more in the form of pastoral care and emotional support. We focus on our residents’ emotional, social, and spiritual happiness which allows us to provide a completely holistic caring experience.

All of our profits go right back into the organisation to ensure our residents continue to receive the best in care and support. Successfully operating as a not-for-profit organisation, our staff and volunteers are with us because they genuinely care about our residents and want to make a positive difference in their lives.

Aged Care in Queensland

Our services in Queensland feature a beautiful retirement village Maranatha Village as well as an aged care home Maranatha with 24-hour nursing care homes, including dementia aged care.

While being completely functional, the site is set within a lush landscaped garden with a range of convenient amenities such as a hair salon and an on-site cafe. We also have lovely aged care homes in Parramatta, Sydney and surrounding areas.

Aged Care Services in Sydney and Surrounds

Finding a reputable and trustworthy place to call home can be a daunting experience. However, our friendly and compassionate staff at Christadelphian Aged Care strive to make the process easier for residents and their families.

We have beautiful Homes in Gladesville, Padstow, Padstow Heights, North Paramatta, and Wyoming on the Central Coast. Each site takes advantage of the scenic views of bushland, rivers and gardens surrounding each Home. We have a range of on-site facilities available, and an active lifestyle program to help our residents relax and socialise.

Whether you are looking for the ideal place for residential aged care, respite care in Sydney, or if you are hoping to find the perfect spot to enjoy your retirement years, Christadelphian Aged Care can help. By taking care of the body, mind, and spirit, we make our residents feel content about choosing to spend their later years with us.

Contact us today for any additional information or if you would like to chat to one of our friendly team members. We’re excited to see how we can be a part of this next step in your or your parents’ life journey.

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Aged Care

We have seven aged care Homes across Sydney, Central Coast and Brisbane, and provide outstanding 24-hour residential nursing care. Our modern Homes are set among beautifully landscaped gardens, and feature private and companion rooms.

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Retirement Villages

We have two retirement Villages in NSW and Queensland, including at North Parramatta NSW, and Kallangur QLD. Our Villages are have landscaped gardens and entertainment areas, along with access to additional services such as hair salons, recreation rooms and gyms nearby.

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Types of aged care

Elderly person assisted by our friendly staff

Residential Aged Care

Residential Care is provided to those who can no longer be supported in their own home. Staff are on hand 24 hours each day and assistance is available for personal care, showering, medication management and specialised nursing care.

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Respite Aged Care

On occasions those who look after elderly family or friends at home may need a short break. This might be to allow some recreation or travel, or perhaps the opportunity to attend to another responsibility. Respite Care may be available for up to 63 days in a financial year.

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Dementia Aged Care

We offer specialist nursing care in secure areas of our Homes for people with dementia or other cognitive difficulties.

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Extra Services

Ashburn House in Gladesville and Courtlands in North Parramatta offer Extra Service places for those who need high dependency care and are seeking a premium assisted living experience.

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Getting started

Steps to enter aged care
  1. Identify a need for greater supportive care
  2. Obtain an ACAT assessment
  3. Decide on type of care you require
  4. Consider the financial and other implications of entering residential aged care
  5. Choose a Home suitable for you or your loved one
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What is an ACAT?

If you are considering moving into an aged care Home you first need an assessment with a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

ACAT members are usually doctors, nurses, social workers or other health professionals based at a local hospital or community health provider.

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What documents do I need?
  • An Aged Care Client Record (ACCR), which can be arranged through Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT).
  • A Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment
  • Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Guardianship documents
  • A Christadelphian Aged Care application form
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Aged Care Costs

Residents who enter aged care in Australia are required to pay:

  • care fees
  • accommodation fees
  • optional extras

Depending on the resident’s financial circumstances they may be eligible for Government assistance towards their costs.

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Retirement Living

Retired older adults can enjoy independent living in a friendly and supportive environment, with a range of facilities and services close by. Our Retirement Villages consist of houses or apartments, and other facilities such as a community hub, gyms, hair salons, gardens, theatres and more. Residents experience a strong sense of community and can participate in a variety of social activities and outings.

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Charter of Aged Care Rights

I have the right to:

  1. Safe and high quality care and services;
  2. be treated with dignity and respect;
  3. have my identity, culture and diversity valued and supported;
  4. live without abuse and neglect;
  5. be informed about my care and services in a way I understand;
  6. access all information about myself, including information about my rights, care and services;
  7. have control over and make choice about my care and personal and social life, including where the choices involve personal risk;
  8. have control over, and make decisions about, the personal aspects of my daily life, financial affairs and possessions;
  9. my independence;
  10. be listened to and understood;
  11. have a person of my choice, including an aged care advocate, support me or speak on my behalf;
  12. complain free from reprisal, and to have my complaints dealt with fairly and promptly;
  13. personal privacy and to have my personal information protected;
  14. exercise my rights without it adversely affecting the way I am treated.
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“I like being part of the group. There is always something to do if you wish so. I especially look forward to Bingo and some good entertainment. Those brain teasing games and puzzles are also very good for... read more
Winnie – Courtlands Aged Care
"I am very comfortable living in this beautiful place and it feels more like my home. Staff are very kind to me, I am treated very nicely and my Italian identity is very well preserved here. Thank you... read more
Wilma – Courtlands, North Parramatta
I write to say thank you a million times for the way you, Kim, have welcomed my family, especially my Dad, to Southaven. It's been such an emotional time for my whole family dealing with Dad's poor health... read more
Yolaine Chilko
Words cannot express the compassionate and professional care Beryl received from all staff members at Ashburn House. Our visits were always welcoming and filled with warmth and empathy. Staff deliver very individualised care services to all the residents... read more
Mason Murtagh
Thank you for the three wonderful years Mum had with you. You gave her a new lease of life. You told her about your lives, your families and she often said living there was like being part of a... read more
Maureen Smith, Avoca Beach
Two weeks ago, just by chance when looking for care options for our father and sister, we came across Chamberlain Gardens. We went in without an appointment and you made time to see us. You were friendly and... read more
Cheryl and Winton Gale
My father recently had respite care in your facility. I would just like to congratulate you on the wonderful service your nursing home provides. I have been visiting nursing homes since I was a girl, first with my... read more
Vanessa, Abbotsford
Thank you all so much for the care you gave my father. Your kindness, professionalism and compassion will never be forgotten by his family. Your job is very difficult and I can only admire you all. It makes... read more
Diane Shearer – Copacabana.

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