Shirley Johnson and Margaret Kaye enjoy their life at Courtlands VIllage in North Parramatta

Loving Village life in Sydney’s west

After living in a unit in Chatswood for 30 years, Margaret Kaye never realised how noisy it was until she moved to Courtlands Village in North Parramatta. “I wake up in the morning here and cannot hear a sound,” she…

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Ashwin Chetty is the Hotel and Services Manager

Food revolution hits aged care

Christadelphian Aged Care will undergo a food revolution to improve nutrition and create sensory and memorable dining experiences. Food plays a powerful role in our everyday lives, and as we age what we eat becomes even more important to our…

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Mark Vickers is the Volunteer and Pastoral Care Coordinator at Chamberlain Gardens Aged Care.

Caring for the mind and the body

At the core of Christadelphian Aged Care is an understanding that caring goes beyond catering for physical needs, and includes the emotional and spiritual well-being of all our residents. That is why each of our Homes have dedicated Pastoral Carers…

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Judy Muir volunteers to run an art therapy class at Southhaven Aged Care.

Art therapy and dementia

A volunteer art therapy program is focusing on the area of the brain that is often the last to be lost to dementia. For art teacher Judy Muir the end product is never the point of her classes. She volunteers…

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Some new faces joined the team at Christadelphian Aged Care.

Meet our new staff

Meet a few of the new staff who recently joined Christadelphian Aged Care. Elaine McRory – Courtlands & Northcourt Facility Manager  Elaine officially commenced as Facility Manager at Courtlands and Northcourt Aged Care in October after a few months of…

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