Our volunteer program is an integral part of the way that we at Christadelphian Aged Care provide services to our residents and care recipients.

Volunteering is a personally rewarding experience.

We benefit from dedicated volunteers giving freely of their time to help enrich the lives of our residents and supplement the service of our employees to provide additional interaction with the world at large. Volunteers and staff work together to encourage residents to participate in a variety of social activities.

Volunteers help includes:

  • Visiting and talking with residents
  • Providing Pastoral Care so someone can be with your loved one when you cannot
  • Reading books
  • Providing musical entertainment including sing-a-longs
  • Running craft activities
  • Playing board games or cards
  • Teaching about using computers
  • Manning cafés, serving coffee and light meals
  • Fetes and fairs
  • Bus outings

Our residents greatly appreciate the services and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us.

Maranatha Aged Care in Kallangur is currently seeking volunteers to assist in:

  • One-on-one visits with residents
  • Daily walking assistants to push wheelchairs – 9-9.45am weekdays

Please contact Carmel Hayden on (070 3482 5316 or chayden@chomes.com.au.

Southhaven Aged Care in Padstow Heights is currently seeking volunteers to assist in:

  • Help run a craft session in Treetops, such as knitting, making cards, gift boxes, sticker work, painting etc
  • Assist with a coffee mornings for Treetop residents in the café (groups or about 8). Have morning tea with residents in the café and generate conversation and provide social interaction with other residents. (Wednesday and Friday between 10-11am)
  • One to one social visits for residents who are room based across the facility, play a two player game with residents and provide them with a game and social interaction to pass the time. Reminisce about old times and hear the residents stories.
  • Watch a movie with the men. Such as war based movies, westerns, watch sport together. Come and have a chat with the men, and share a drink with them and have cheese and biscuits with them, which we provide.
  • Table based gardening sessions in Treetops. Plant some bulbs, plant seeds, make a planter over a few weeks and then plant it out. Instructions can be provided. We will provide the materials.
  • Read short stories or poetry to small groups of residents across the facility or individuals who are room based across the facility.

Those interested please contact David Bridgens on 0400 016 809 or dbridgens@chomes.com.au.


Chamberlain Gardens in Wyoming is currently seeking volunteers to assist in:

  • Gardening – it would great to have someone who could help our Volunteer gardener do small jobs at Chamberlain Gardens.

Please contact Mark Vickers on: (02) 4329 8016 or email mvickers@chomes.com.au.

Casa Mia in Padstow is currently seeking volunteers to assist in:

  1. Would you like a cup of tea and a chat? We have a number of residents who are lonely and have no visitors. If you can spare an hour a week (or more) to bless the lives of these people, it would be very much appreciated.
  2. Are you willing to read the Bible aloud? Some residents would very much appreciate some company and Bible readings on a regular basis.
  3. We would also love a male volunteer to help with our men’s club!

Please contact Cathy Strachan on 0435 814 411.

Courtlands Village in North Parramatta is currently seeking volunteers to assist in:

  • all areas of chicken care and encourage Resident and chicken interaction.

Aims:  To ensure that our residents have opportunity to interacted with the chickens and help staff with the ongoing care and upkeep of the chickens.

  • Assist with Bus Outings to help Residents to access the community safety.

Aims: To facilitate safe and enjoyable access to services, community facilities and venues of interest.

Those interested please contact Sherene Noble on 0433 622 573 or snoble@chomes.com.au.