If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us.

To find out more about volunteering, please contact our Spiritual Care Coordinators:

Ashburn House (Gladesville)

Please contact Nerida O’Neil on 9101 5508 or noneill@chomes.com.au

Casa Mia (Padstow)

Please contact David Bridgens on 8707 6010 or dbridgens@chomes.com.au

Chamberlain Gardens  (Wyoming) 

Please contact Jan Murray on 4329 8016 or jmurray@chomes.com.au

Courtlands Northcourt (North Parramatta) 

Please contact Elsie Kuiters on 9683 8000 or ekuit_cac@chomes.com.au

Northcourt (North Parramatta)

Please contact Joh Morgan on 9683 6352 or johmorgan@chomes.com.au

Maranatha (Kallangur)

Please contact Carmel Hayden on (07) 3482 5316 or chayden@chomes.com.au

Southhaven (Padstow Heights) 

Please contact Ruth Njogah on 9782 6043 or rnjogah@chomes.com.au


Our volunteer program is an integral part of the way that we at Christadelphian Aged Care provide services to our residents and care recipients.

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Volunteering is a personally rewarding experience.

We benefit from dedicated volunteers giving freely of their time to help enrich the lives of our residents and supplement the service of our employees to provide additional interaction with the world at large. Volunteers and staff work together to encourage residents to participate in a variety of social activities.

Volunteers help includes:

  • Visiting and talking with residents
  • Providing Pastoral Care so someone can be with your loved one when you cannot
  • Reading books
  • Providing musical entertainment including sing-a-longs
  • Running craft activities
  • Playing board games or cards
  • Teaching about using computers
  • Manning cafés, serving coffee and light meals
  • Fetes and fairs
  • Bus outings

Our residents greatly appreciate the services and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

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