Our History

It’s been more than 75 years since Christadelphian Aged Care first opened its doors to the elderly of our community, and since then it has continued to grow and adapt to the needs of our residents.


1946:   The not-for-gain company was registered as The Christadelphian Convalescent and Rest Homes and almost an acre of property was purchased in Strathfield for £4950.

Chairman of the Homes, W.G. Brown wrote that the company was established because of the need “arising out of the existing social conditions consequent on the war and the inadequacy of public institutions to provide for those in need for such service as we propose to render”.

1947:   The Home at Strathfield was officially opened on August 30, 1947 in the presence of about 500 Christadelphians from ecclesias (churches) around Australia.

The Home could hold up to 16 residents, who each paid three pounds and three shillings a week.

Woodstock was purchased in 1946 and became Christadelphian Homes LTD's first aged care facility.

1957:   The need arose for further accommodation so 10 single bed units with a lounge and other facilities were added.

1966:   To help raise funds for the rapidly growing Home the first Sale of Work was held at Strathfield on September 17 by women from the Dorcas classes at the Home, and $1650 was raised.

1969:   Two blocks of land were purchased in Padstow Heights, one for $16,000 and one for $4000.

1973:   Strathfield’s north wing was built.

1976:   Plans to build a hostel at Padstow were formed in 1974, however it was not completed until 1976 because of financial constraints.

The name Christadelphian Convalescent and Rest Homes was changed to Christadelphian Homes

In December, a Christadelphian ecclesia (church) was formed at Padstow.

1978:   The Home at Strathfield was called Woodstock Nursing Home.

1992:   The need for a larger nursing home arose and after a long process construction started at Padstow in 1990 and the 61 bed facility was finally opened in 1992. This Southhaven Nursing Home was later expanded to accommodate 84 beds.

Woodstock in Strathfield was sold, with the last Sale of Work held there in 1991.

2002:   The Bay Nursing Home was bought in Blakehurst, along with additional properties. This was sold in July 2008.

The Anna Maria Aged Care Facility in Gladesville was bought in February 2002. This nursing home was renamed Ashburn House, and further developed in 2006.

2006:   The new Ashburn House facility was opened in August providing accommodation for over 100 residents.

Casa Mia Aged Care Centre was acquired in November 2006, providing care for a further 100 residents, including respite accommodation.

2008:   Lakefront Village at Toukley was acquired in May to provide a service on the Central Coast include a regional retirement village of 100 units.

Lakefront Village was sold in November 2014

2010:   Central Coast activity was expanded with the purchase of Chamberlain Gardens Aged Care Facility at Wyoming in April, providing care for up to 145 residents.

Ridgeview Aged Care in the Illawarra Shire, was purchased in August, providing care for up to 151 residents

2012:   Purchased Currie Nursing Home, Oatlands 24th October 2012 which will be demolished making way for a 100 bed purpose built nursing home.

2013:   Merged with our sister organisation QCRVC in QLD. Maranatha comprises a 91 bed Home and a 52 Independent Living Unit Village. We are currently updating the Home anticipating adding a further 32 beds and extending the Village by building another 7 Independent Living Units.

2016:   Purchased Courtlands Village, North Parramatta comprising of 144 Aged Care beds and 130 Self Care villas

2016:   Purchased Northcourt, North Parramatta comprising 39 Aged Care beds

2016:   Purchased Westcourt, Westmead 10 Self Care villas

2018:   Ridgeview Aged Care was sold

2021:   Westcourt was sold

2022:   Casa Mia, Chamberlain Gardens and Southhaven were sold