Elevating the aged care dining experience

Polash has worked in the kitchen at Ashburn House for 17 years.
Christadelphian Homes believes providing enjoyable and nutritious meals to residents not only supports health and wellbeing, but also shows God’s love by the way we treat those in our care.

The importance of providing quality food was a key feature of the Royal Commission’s final report, and new initiatives have supported aged care providers to continually improve their food and services.

Additional Government funding, expert advice and education programs will support aged care providers to ensure food is enjoyed by residents, prevent malnutrition and help support a high quality of life.

Christadelphian Homes prepares all meals onsite using fresh ingredients in fully equipped kitchens at each of our Homes. We work closely with our specialist food provider (A Delish Affair), to design the menus for our residents and help meet their individual preferences.

A Delish Affair was a finalist in the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association’s 2023 Awards for Excellence for their food service at Courtlands Village.

Our meals

We cater for three meals a day across all our Homes, along with morning and afternoon tea, and supper for our residents.

There is a choice of up to three different dishes at each meal, with breakfast including options such as hot porridge, sausages, bacon, freshly cooked eggs and omelettes, spinach, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes, or a choice of continental breakfast which includes fruit compotes, five cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit, toast and preserves.

Lunch includes a choice of two hot meals with dessert, or a choice of sandwiches and salad. Dinner options are soup, a main meal and dessert, or a choice of sandwiches and salad.

Residents are able to enjoy our meals at both our Villages, as they can pre-order and purchase hot food from our kitchens. The food can then be picked up or delivered to their Independent Living Unit, or eaten with friends in our dining rooms.

Food reviews

The Director of Consumer Care and Services at each of our Homes eats at least one of the same meals as the residents every day to ensure they are familiar with the food quality and portions. The Board and Executive also endeavour to taste test the food when possible at workshop days, visitor lunches and other events.

We also regularly evaluate our food quality and portion sizes, and encourage feedback from our residents and their representatives that can then be discussed with our food service provider.

Food quality and nutrition are important parts of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s quality standards, and so our food services are regularly reviewed during the accreditation reviews at each of our Homes.

Good food helps maintain the health and wellbeing of our residents, and we will continue to ensure we provide an enjoyable dining experience at all our Homes.