Therapy programs boost independence


Maintaining skills for as long as possible helps improve quality of life as people grow older, writes physiotherapist Abdul Chatila.

While frailty and cognitive decline are part of the ageing process, Christadelphian Aged Care Homes encourage and assist multi-dimensional models of care that focus on whole person well-being.

Immobility and inactivity can affect many body structures and functions, such as cardiac, skin, gastrointestinal, joints, renal and bladder, metabolic, pulmonary, vascular, skeletal muscle, cognition and behaviour.

Maintaining function is a key ingredient to maintaining quality of life and preventing disability. The holistic care teams within our Homes work towards maximising the quality of life of each resident in accordance with their care needs.

As physiotherapists, we believe our role and responsibility is to serve and enable the staff within the Home to be well educated and prepared to provide the best level of care to the residents.

Through training, development and constant innovation we strive to educate the staff to implement the best practice to ensure the best quality of life is provided to each resident individually.

We believe in empowering and working holistically with a team of Registered Nurses, Clinical Coordinators, doctors, Physiotherapy Aids, Activity Officers, Care Managers and Facility Managers.

Working together we promote positive environments that embrace positive living and ageing.

We can expand on all the activities and programs we run to promote wellness, including group exercise and one-on-one exercise programs that play an integral role in the day-to-day lives of residents.