Scholarship Stories – Kaitlyn

Scholarship Stories - Kaitlyn

The last time we heard from Kaitlyn Bonner was in our June 2018 Candlelight Edition. Kaitlyn was mid-way through the second year of her Nursing degree at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney.

Her studies were part of the CHL Scholarship, a Christadelphian Homes initiative that offers aspiring students wanting to learn and achieve in the health industry.
Sitting down with Kaitlyn a year and a half later, we learn that so much has happened since then.

‘I have officially finished my Bachelor of Nursing! After completing over 800 hours of clinical nursing placements at hospitals across Sydney and countless assignments. I’m proud to say I’m officially graduating in May 2020.

The moment I knew I had passed all my subjects was a huge wave of relief! I had just finished a three-week placement in Cobar. After the 9-hour drive home I felt like I could sleep for days. I still wake up feeling like I have assignments to hand in, but I know that’ll pass soon.’Reflecting on her doubts before beginning her studies, Kaitlyn had some reservations about becoming a nurse, but those quickly dissipated.

‘My initial reservations about nursing were that it wasn’t a very diverse job. I couldn’t be more wrong. Nursing has an incredible variety of career choices which I’ll enjoy choosing from in the coming years.’

Kaitlyn’s time at University was filled with great memories, mentors and cherished friends.

‘Studying at Australian Catholic University was great. The university had incredible nursing facilities. My lecturers are all qualified nurses who have vast experience in their specialised fields. I enjoyed riding the train over the harbour bridge most days and exploring the city with friends. I have many hilarious and heartfelt memories from university that I’ll remember for a long time yet. ‘

Kaitlyn was offered a New Graduate position as aRegistered Nurse at Saint George Hospital which she’ll begin in late March. Kaitlyn’s advice for those considering becoming a nurse.

‘Don’t doubt yourself, you can do it! Nursing always surprises you. Every day is a challenge, but I can guarantee you’ll get something out of it. ‘

2020 CHL Scholarships have been awarded to Evana Bundesen (QLD) and Grace O’Toole (NSW), both undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Kaitlyn
tells us the importance and difference the CHL Scholarship had on her University studies.

‘The CHL scholarship has made a huge difference in my life for the past 3 years. There are a lot of expenses that come alongside a full-time degree, and to have some of that burden lifted off my shoulders is incredible. I’ve been very blessed to have spent most of my time stressing about exams than the price of my textbooks.’

We wish the very best to Kaitlyn as she begins her new career!