Our Mission

To give excellent care to all our residents.

To provide one avenue for the Christadelphian community to engage with and be a blessing in a practical way to the aged and needy in our care.

To encourage excellence in our staff and volunteers so that their contribution is a means of personal fulfilment.

Jesus’ example shows us his concern and positive influence on all those around him:

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16


Our Values

We will enrich the quality of life of the people in our care by nurturing them through compassion, service and comfortable living environment.

Kindness        Operating as Jesus did with kindness, integrity and respect

Support            Assistance for those in particular need of help

Excellence       Maintain a reputation for excellent service and care

Comfort            Provide comfortable attractive and well-maintained facilities

Atmosphere    Create an atmosphere in which it is a pleasure to live and work

Innovation       Promote innovation and best practice

Compliance     Comply with the letter and intent of government regulations

Sustainable     Run a professional and financially sustainable organisation


Our Inspiration

In providing excellent care for our residents.


Each of our residents living here is special. We recognise that they have unique needs, interests and concerns, and seek to care for each one as an individual.

We are all part of a team: our staff, volunteers, families and friends working together to support our goal of excellent care.
We’re inspired by the love of God and the example and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.
God offers hope to all people!
He created the universe with a purpose and He reveals Himself to mankind:
Broadly, through the wonder and beauty of the natural world He gave us to enjoy.
Specifically, through His Word, the Bible, offering wisdom for life’s important questions.
Personally, through the positive effect He has on people’s daily lives when the trust in Him.
The earth will be filled with God’s glory, peace and love when Jesus Christ returns.