Fashionista In A Rural Area

Mary Currie

Mary grew up in Herne Bay, now known as Riverwood.

Being the first born, to one brother and four sister.Her parents had quite the handful!

Growing up, Mary had a fear of animals and would rather help her mother in the house, collecting flowers and setting the table.

From an early age, Mary developed an interest in clothes and make-up and whilst her sisters were out horse riding she would be inside putting on make-up
or collecting flowers.

Riverwood was more of a rural area than what it is now, so her options for pursuing a career within the fashion industries were limited.

Fortune struck however, and she was able to work as a machinist at Berlie Bras.

Mary would marry Bob in 1954, and had three wonderful boys.

Always a dedicated family person, Mary would also help in raising her granddaughter.

Mary is now in our Southhaven Home, and is always a pleasure to our staff members to talk to.