Sam Dando volunteers at Southhaven Aged Care in Padstow Heights

From guiding teenagers to helping seniors

– by Sam Dando Volunteering for me has only happened since I retired from full-time employment in education seven years ago. I spent nearly 40 years assisting teenagers to prepare for their futures and now perhaps it’s time to help the retired folk at…

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Ashburn House resident profile Joan.

Joan’s own ‘sample’ of history

When Ashburn House resident Joan Bartlett was asked to choose a memento from her time working at the NSW Mines Department, she chose a rock sample that had travelled Australia before finally being identified by her boss as one that…

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Our spiritual life and the natural world

 – By Sherene Noble – Volunteer and Pastoral Care Coordinator, Courtlands North Parramatta I am very grateful in my life to have so much opportunity for conversation and discussion on spirituality. Recently during one such conversation, an acronym for GOD – The Great…

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Ponds at Courtlands Village

The battle between water birds and our fish

– By Noel Dunn As potential residents inspect our Village in North Parramatta, many are influenced by a feature they observe on their initial visit. When my wife and I first visited Courtlands, we were impressed by the magnificent gardens and water…

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Ted Annabel turns 100.

‘100 not out’: Ted celebrates a century

A “true gentleman” celebrated his 100th birthday today at Courtlands Village in North Parramatta surrounded by family and fellow village residents. Ted Annabel, who still lives independently in the retirement village, cut a cake that paid tribute to his passion for…

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