How will my life change if I move into a retirement village?

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Change can be scary. But at Christadelphian Homes, it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you’re deciding to downsize your home or looking to settle down, a retirement village is a fantastic option to consider. 

However, many fear sudden, drastic lifestyle changes and stiff regulations as part of retirement living. At Christadelphian Homes, we understand it can be a big step. That’s why we’ve developed our retirement villages to care for all your needs, be they physical, spiritual or emotional. So you can get back to enjoying your retirement!

Will moving to a retirement village change my lifestyle?

To give you a short, concise answer. It won’t! At Christadelphian Homes, we have designed our facilities and homes to provide all the amenities of everyday life. Retirement living focuses on residents having complete autonomy and resuming their usual day-to-day activities in a safe, social and positive environment. Whether that means keeping the grandkids entertained with a movie or enjoying some alone time in the park— retirement villages offer plenty of individual and group activities to choose from! 

From hair salons to cafes, theatre rooms, libraries, and gardens, how you choose to spend your downtime time is up to you! For residents looking for some routine, our retirement villages offer a range of amenities to get you out and about including bus trips, hair salons, theatres, libraries, and cafes. We know It can be daunting to put yourself out there and get active in a new community. However, research shows socialising and building connections within a community of like-minded individuals has been proven to elevate your mental and physical health.

What about my friends and loved ones?

As COVID-19 causes daily disruptions, it’s normal to worry about the unpredictable state of ongoing lockdowns and restrictions. Being a Bible-based community, we understand the importance of having your loved ones around for emotional support and quality time during these difficult periods. That’s why we have put precautions in place to ensure you and your visitors are safe and cared for. Find our important information surrounding visitation and COVID-19 here. At Christadelphian Homes’ Retirement Villages, we offer two convenient retirement living locations for you to choose from, the Courtlands retirement village in North Parramatta, NSW, and the Maranatha retirement village in Kallangur, QLD. However, in the case of extended lockdowns or if your loved ones can’t make the trip for any reason, virtual visits can be a convenient way to stay in touch!

What if I require medical treatment?

We recognise each of our residents has unique needs, which might include medical assistance to help with any existing ailments be they physical, mental or otherwise. We care for each of our residents individually and with the utmost compassion and take the time to understand how we can best help you upon your application to one of our retirement villages. If you require any treatment or have concerns for your safety at any time, our friendly staff are available to lend a helping hand no matter the time of day. You can even leave those pesky tasks like replacing high-reaching light bulbs to our maintenance teams. And in case of an emergency, village accommodation has 24-hour help with emergency call systems available at the touch of a button.

What makes our retirement villages different?

At Christadelphian Homes, we are a Bible-based not-for-profit organisation that takes pride in giving back to our community and our residents. This means any surplus profits earned are then reinvested back into our facilities, community, and residents. We aim to provide a friendly and supportive holistic environment that accepts and treats all individuals with love and respect. Our caring and compassionate staff continually strive to provide an enjoyable and purposeful retirement for all our residents—because, after all, retirement is an open book ready for you to write, not a closed chapter.

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