#MeetTheResidents – Valerie

Verlie is a true local resident, born and raised in Gladesville and has spent all of her life in the area.

She is one of 8 children of the family.

Verlie lived with her sister and brother before she joined our community here at Ashburn House.

Verlie completed her studies at local Gladesville primary & high schools.

After graduating from high school, Verlie started working at a millinery in the city.

She really enjoyed this role and continued to make handmade hats until she retired in her 50s.

She also took some work in the Gladesville Hospital in the uniform department sewing and fitting uniforms for the hospital staff members.

Verlie loved travelling around Australia with her family and friends.

She remembers her father often taking the whole family to Middle Harbour on their family boat.

Some of Verlie’s favourite trips include travelling with her cousin on a cruise from Sydney to Perth, travelling on the Indian Pacific Railway and a visit to lovely New Zealand.

Verlie reminisces her childhood walking along the paddy fields to her school with her siblings and how they used to stop at Gladesville Milkbar on Victoria Road.

Gladesville used to be a very quiet neighbourhood with only a few shops and people around while she was growing up.

Gladesville has changed a great deal over the years.

One of Verlie’s fondest memories was dancing on Saturday nights with her girlfriends in the nearby Drummoyne.