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Promoting active ageing at Christadelphian Aged Care

As an experienced aged care provider in Sydney and Brisbane, we understand the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle for our residents. That’s why we offer a wide range of exercise classes and activities tailored to individual needs and preferences. From gentle exercises to more active sessions, we strive to provide engaging opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. Here we explore some of the exercise programs available at our various facilities and explain how they contribute to the wellbeing of our residents.

Ashburn House, Gladesville

Exercise classes are an integral part of daily life at Ashburn House. On most mornings, residents are invited to participate in chair-based exercise classes designed to accommodate individuals using wheelchairs or requiring seated exercises. These sessions incorporate a variety of exercises that target different parts of the body, catering to varying levels of ability. The popularity of these classes is a testament to the positive impact they have on the residents’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Ashburn House also offers regular balance classes a few times a week to help maintain balance and prevent falls. Led by our dedicated physiotherapist, these hour-long sessions include a mix of sitting and standing exercises, balance activities with aerobic steps, balance boards, and resistance bands. Our physiotherapist ensures that the classes are tailored to meet individual needs, promoting safety and effectiveness. Residents are encouraged to wear nonslip footwear and are provided with water to stay hydrated throughout the sessions.

In addition to the daily exercise and balance classes, our weekly Zumba class has become immensely popular, bringing residents together for an energetic and enjoyable workout. Our staff also actively engage in regular walking sessions both inside and outside the facility, providing residents with companionship and helping keep them physically active.

Courtlands Aged Care, North Parramatta

Residents at The Terrace at Courtlands are offered a well-rounded exercise schedule that includes gentle exercises six days a week. These sessions are designed to improve mobility, strength, and balance. Additionally, ball exercises are held three times a week and group walks, scheduled at least twice a week, provide an opportunity for residents to interact and forge connections with fellow residents from different sections of Courtlands, while reminiscing about cherished memories.

Our residents with dementia in The Grove benefit from a tailored gentle exercise program. These exercises aim to improve mobility, balance, and strength while considering the unique needs of individuals living with dementia. Simple and safe exercises are incorporated, ensuring ease of participation and adaptability to individual requirements. This program helps residents maintain physical health while promoting a sense of accomplishment and engagement.

Northcourt Aged Care, North Parramatta

Northcourt has recently adjusted its morning exercise schedule to accommodate a greater number of residents. By moving the exercises to 10:30am, more individuals can join in and experience the benefits of physical activity. Quoits, balloon tennis, and noodle hockey remain popular favourites, providing a delightful mix of entertainment and exercise. The facility is committed to continuously expanding its activity offerings, promising even more variety in the future.

Maranatha Aged Care, Kallangur

The Maranatha community loves creating a lively and enjoyable exercise environment, where residents can actively engage in physical activity while experiencing joy and fulfillment. They recently acquired a new basketball game for residents, and this has brought smiles and laughter as they enjoy shooting hoops together. They also have a golf mat, which provides an opportunity for physical exertion and friendly competition. By incorporating games into the exercise routines, they encourage active participation and foster a sense of camaraderie among the residents.

Residents have also discovered a new passion for archery, and through these sessions they can improve their focus, coordination, and upper body strength while engaging in a unique and exciting activity. Maranatha residents also take advantage of the beautiful Queensland weather and participate in garden walks, where Village residents sometimes share their expertise about the various plants in their gardens, and residents actively participate by weeding and watering the plants.


At Christadelphian Aged Care, we prioritise the wellbeing of our residents, and recognise the positive impact that exercise and physical activity can have on their overall health and happiness. Through a range of tailored exercise classes and activities, we strive to promote active ageing, enhance mobility, improve strength and balance, and foster social connections. Our commitment to maintaining an engaging and diverse exercise program ensures that our residents can lead fulfilling lives while residing in our Homes.

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