How Aged Care for Seniors has changed

Seniors having Tea time in Care Home
Aged care has changed significantly over the last few decades. The focus is no longer just on the physical care of seniors in our community but also on their spiritual and emotional well-being. With so many choices of aged care homes, finding a place where one feels at home may be difficult. Christadelphian Aged Care runs holistic care facilities that meet the spiritual needs and provide individualised attention to individuals from all walks of life. 

At Christadelphian Aged Care, we offer comfortable accommodation and care in Sydney and Brisbane that provides seniors with exceptional medical care, companionship, peace of mind and proximity to family members and friends. Our aged care homes can offer significant benefits to you or your loved one’s physical and mental health. 

What does aged care accommodation entail?
Our accommodation options aim to provide both privacy and communal spaces to encourage and enhance both a sense of community and support. Our aged care homes in Sydney and Brisbane offer a wide range of accommodations to suit the mental, physical and emotional needs of elderly individuals—no matter their religion, race, or beliefs. 

Sense of community
Aged care provides much more than accommodation – it brings people together and encourages new friendships. This is comforting for elderly individuals because they can gain a sense of belonging in a community that makes them feel safer, reducing anxiety levels and enhancing everyday life. 
We provide exceptional facilities and tailored care to meet all our residents’ spiritual and emotional needs. Our extensive range of activities allows individuals from all walks of life to create their own sense of routine and community within beautiful nursing homes, with the added benefit of around the clock care. 

Tailored support 
Spiritual Care is central to our holistic approach to every individual’s health and well-being. Spiritual Care is not about any religion or belief but provides emotional support tailored to the needs of each resident. Spiritual Care Coordinators work at each of our aged care homes in Sydney and Brisbane, and they can help irrespective of beliefs or background. Our Spiritual Care Coordinators have one-on-one conversations with residents and share their life stories.
Safe and sound
Christadelphian Aged Care offers a warmer, more holistic approach to senior care. We provide the safety of a communal environment while also respecting the privacy of every individual. Residents experience a greater sense of security with support just a few steps away. This allows residents to build trust within the community and feel more confident in their everyday lives.

Why Christadelphian Aged Care?
At Christadelphian Aged Care, we are proudly a non-profit provider of compassionate care and reinvest any surplus back into caring for our residents and beautiful facilities. Our senior care centres in Brisbane and Sydney foster a Christian environment and provide a friendly and safe lifestyle for our residents in care. Our dedicated and compassionate staff make life in Christadelphian Aged Care homes as comfortable as possible, and care for your mental, spiritual and physical well-being, including highly trained nurses, Spiritual Care Coordinators, lifestyle coordinators, management, and administration.