Is a retirement village right for me?

Couple in retirement village

Find the balance between living independently, and finding the support you need within a vibrant community!

Have you reached a point in your life where youʼre no longer working and are considering transitioning into a more seamless and relaxed way of living? At Christadelphian Homes our Villages cater to all individuals who are looking to find a balance between independence and support.

Listed below are some reasons that retirement village living may be the ideal solution for you:

Peace of mind

Every retirement unit at Christadelphian Homes is fitted with a personalised help system that is monitored 24 hours a day. If you have any concerns about your health or safety, you can reach out for help and you will immediately be in contact with a trained professional who will guide you as to your next steps to ensure your continued well-being.

Living within a retirement community also provides peace of mind in terms of security, and whether you need a light bulb changed or just a friendly wave hello, there’s always someone close by to support you when you need it. 

A fulfilling lifestyle and sense of community

Each retirement village has a busy schedule of activities for those who wish to participate, designed to foster relationships among residents and provide joyful entertainment. Some of these social activities include bus trips, happy hour, barbeques, dinners, billiards and movie nights. With a range of activities and facilities, residents can socialise, make friends from all walks of life and continue or discover an array of hobbies and interests.

Christadelphian Homes has retirement villages in Sydney and Brisbane. Browse our website or contact us for more information on how we can help you find your new home today.

Not having to worry about up keep

The day-to-day upkeep of efficiently running a household, as well as maintaining a front and back yard can become exhausting and sometimes too much to handle, especially while focusing on more pressing issues like your health. At Christadelphian Homes, this upkeep is taken care of with our full-time maintenance teams, leaving you with more time to spend on yourself and the activities you enjoy.

Access to great facilities

Christadelphian Homes retirement villages are situated in prime locations within close proximity to facilities including hair salons, shopping centres, cafes and restaurants, parks, theatres and libraries, making it seamless for you to continue doing the activities you enjoy.

Meeting your emotional and spiritual needs

We believe in the importance of catering for the  emotional and spiritual needs of our residents, regardless of their background, faith or belief system. Trained Spiritual Well-being Coordinators are there when you need a chat or further support. Spiritual care is not about any religion, or particular set of beliefs, but providing emotional support. Our Spiritual carers spend their time talking with residents, sharing in their life stories, and walking with them in the resolutions of their concerns.

Since opening our doors in 1947, Christadelphian Homes has continued to provide excellent care for seven decades and beyond. We are one of the pioneering charitable aged care providers in Australia, and maintain an excellent reputation in the industry. 

Christadelphian Homes is a not-for-profit Christian aged care organisation that puts the health and well-being of our residents at the heart of everything we do. 

All surplus funds are reinvested back into caring for our residents and facilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about our retirement villages, donʼt hesitate to give us an obligation-free call at 1800 246 637, or head to our website to find out more!