The Originals Create a Community

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes residents

When many of the Westcourt residents moved into the Westmead Village they were not expecting to become part of such a supportive community.

The 10-villa retirement village was purchased by Christadelphian Aged Care in May along with Courtlands Village and Northcourt in North Parramatta.

The community is made up of mostly women who have become firm friends over the years and always offer help to one another in times of need.

Pat is one of the “Originals”, as they call themselves, and moved to Westcourt around 15 years ago.

She and her husband came over from England in 1971, and bought in Winston Hills when there were just new houses there.

“One of the reasons we moved here was it wasn’t too far away from friends,” Pat said.

“I wondered if we would ever see the other residents much, but we hadn’t been here long before they invited us down for drink on Friday night.

“We’re like a little family now and all help each other.”

Elizabeth is also one of the “Originals”, and moved to Westcourt in 2000 from Pendle Hill.

“I loved Pendle Hill. We were near the station so we went from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill to Westmead,” she said.

“I looked around at quite a few different retirement villages but I don’t know what lead me to this one, it just hit the spot. There was something about it I really liked.”

“We are very lucky, we all get along so well. We don’t intrude but if there’s anything we can do to help, we do that.”

The residents meet for a morning tea every Saturday morning, and go out on shopping trips.

They also go over to Courtlands Village in North Parramatta  on the Village bus to participate in their lifestyle and activities program.

“We come over more often now, I feel more included because they are happy to come pick us up in the bus,” Elizabeth said.