Albion Park Gardening Club

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

Residents are sharing gardening tips and helping plant flowers and herbs during a new program at Ridgeview Aged Care.

Bill is a volunteer at the Illawarra Home who runs the gardening group as part of their new Adult Day Program for residents and family members who wish to enjoy the great outdoors, potter around the soak up the sunshine.

The gardening group met together for the first time last week, where they planted some seedlings of basil, coloured flowers, carrots and coriander.

This week the residents and families saw the seedlings starting to sprout and grow.

Bill also is growing some cherry tomatoes and showed residents how to care for them and stake them as they grow – and next week he will be bringing in black tomatoes!

The group also planted cuttings of geraniums, succulents and orchids, and  Bill shared the secrets of successfully propagating cuttings – dipping them in honey before planting them.

Residents reminisced about the gardens they used to grow, their favourite plants and some of their tips to successful gardening.