Where to begin

We understanding choosing an aged care home for your loved one is a difficult decision, and try to make the process as easy as possible.

Our Resident Services Officers guide you through the admission process from the first phone call, to settling your loved one in their new home, and continue to provide support to you and your loved one during their stay.

Read over the information provided on our website, and then give us a call on 1800 246 637 to speak with an aged care specialist.

Steps to enter aged care

  1. Identify a need for greater supportive care
  2. Obtain an ACAT assessment
  3. Decide on type of care you require
  4. Consider the financial and other implications of entering residential aged care
  5. Choose a Home suitable for you or your loved one
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What is an ACAT?

If you are considering moving into an aged care Home you first need an assessment with a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

ACAT members are usually doctors, nurses, social workers or other health professionals based at a local hospital or community health provider.

ACAT assessments are free, as they are funded by the Australian Government to determine if you are eligible for government-subsidised aged care services.

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What documents do I need?

  • An Aged Care Client Record (ACCR), which can be arranged through Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT).
  • A Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment
  • Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Guardianship documents
  • A Christadelphian Aged Care application form
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Aged care costs

Residents who enter aged care in Australia are required to pay:

+ care fees
+ accommodation fees
+ optional extras

Depending on the resident’s financial circumstances they may be eligible for Government assistance towards their costs. Some people are only required to pay the Basic Daily Fee, which is deducted from their pension.

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