What services should you be looking for when choosing the right retirement village?

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

Weighing up the pros and cons of services available at a retirement village can sometimes be overwhelming, whether you are looking into it for yourself or a loved one. From swimming pools to on-site hair salons, state-of-the-art recreational rooms to regular social events – the list goes on!

Before commencing your research to find a retirement village that suits your needs, you will first need to complete an assessment with a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team. Click here to read more about ACAT’s , who is eligible, and how to complete them. 

So, what should you be looking for? We explore this further below.

General facility and lifestyle services

When considering retirement living, we know that your key priority is to choose a suitable downsized residence, in a convenient location, within a like-minded community that not only encourages but also facilitates an independent living lifestyle for seniors. 

Your retirement village of choice should pride themselves on well trained, professional, and empathetic staff that are committed to providing customised support. The final consideration comes down to the available services that are included onsite and nearby. Featured below is a compiled list of general facility and lifestyle services to enquire about, when you are ready to choose your retirement community: 

  • Assistance with domestic work – cleaning, gardening etc.
  • Access to home maintenance services 
  • Onsite security services 
  • Onsite management staff 
  • Food delivery and/or meal services  
  • Medical assistance (if required) 
  • Onsite management staff
  • 24-hour emergency assistance (if required)
  • Transport services – appointments, errands etc.  
Social, entertainment and other services

When it comes to choosing the right retirement village we know that for many, socialising, making connections and experiencing a strong sense of community are important aspects of their decision making process. This is why access to social events, entertainment and recreational facilities are common practice at all retirement villages. This presents residents with the opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals who hold similar values as often or as little as they would like.

See below, our list of top social, entertainment and other services to consider (including examples): 

  • On-site entertainment – guest speakers, performing art shows 
  • On-site social activities – workshops, sports, games 
  • Off-site excursions – performing art shows, movie cinemas, sporting events 
  • Recreational facilities – gyms, theatres, libraries, swimming pools 
  • Social venues – cafes, kiosks, restaurants, dedicated outdoor spaces 
  • Other facilities – hair salons, grooming services 
What makes us different?

Here at Christadelphian Homes, we pride ourselves on being a not-for-profit organisation that reinvests all surplus funds directly back into our community. Whilst we are accessible to people from all backgrounds and walks of life, we are devoted to fostering a bible-based Christian community that is reflective of the love that Jesus Christ has shown and continues to show to us all. 

Our top priority will always be to treat our residents and their families with love and respect and cater to the spiritual and emotional needs of all within the Christadelphian Homes community. Our dedicated team from executives through to employees consistently maintains an unparalleled standard of governance, ensuring that we lead and uphold a strong ‘love thy neighbour’ culture throughout our community. 

If you have further questions or inquiries check out our retirement villages FAQ’s here

At Christadelphian Homes, we have two retirement villages to choose from  
Maranatha Retirement Village in Kallangur, Brisbane 
Courtlands Retirement Village in Parramatta, New South Wales.
You can learn more about our services here.
Still unsure and looking for some additional advice? Reach out to our kind and caring team to arrange an in-person meeting today!