Courtlands – Physical Changes to Create New Wings

We take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience during the closure of the west wing of The Vista.  For those family members who have had a loved one move as a result of the changes, we appreciate and thank you for your understanding and assistance during this transition.

We have re-allocated staff to an area of the home that your loved one has moved to so that they have a familiar person caring for them and to provide continuity of care.

The next step will see The Grove physically split, rooms 10 to 23 will be kept as a secure unit (still called The Grove) and rooms 1 to 9 will be joined with the remaining rooms in The Vista to create a new wing called Bluegum.  The Fire Door adjacent to The Grove Lounge / Dining Room will be securely closed and the door currently separating The Vista from The Grove will be permanently opened.

The Grove

Residents will continue to have access to the existing lounge, dining and secure outdoor area.

We will shortly be sending a document to the representative(s) for each resident in The Grove to confirm (or re-confirm as the case may be) that you have acknowledged this is a secure unit and your family member is restricted from voluntarily exiting the building.

The Grange

Residents in The Grange will shortly be provided with access to go outside should they wish to go out when the doors are locked. This provides security for the building but permits these residents unrestricted access to outside areas.


Following consultation, residents have chosen the name Bluegum for the new wing. Residents in Bluegum will have access to 2 lounge areas; in the interim this is the small lounge with access to an outdoor area (adjacent to the Nurses Station) and the small meeting room near the administration offices. A reconfigured lounge/dining area is proposed for Waratah Lounge (the current “activities” room); refurbishment and reconfiguration of this room is expected to be completed by May.

We have installed 7 security cameras in the new Bluegum wing.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support during this transition period.  We also welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue to assist us with improving the care and services at Courtlands.