Poetry lover celebrates 100 years

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

A “mischievous” poetry lover and resident at our Central Coast Homecelebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends on Wednesday. 

Thelma, or Jean as she likes to be called, is a resident at Chamberlain Gardens in Wyoming, and enjoyed an afternoon tea at her Home with staff, family and friends.

Jean was born on the family farm at Nyrang Creek, Canowindra, NSW, as the fifth of seven children.

She recalls the family used to hang a tea towel on the front gate to let the district nurse know she was needed when doing her rounds.

Jean spent a lot of time in the Blue Mountains growing up and said she had a very happy childhood.

She and her friends always got into mischief, she said while laughing, but she never got into trouble because she always stayed in the background and let everyone else cop it.

Jean is also very fond of poetry and likes to recite to some of her friends at Chamberlain.

Happy birthday Jean!