Passions that last a lifetime


Who says you can’t pursue more than one passion throughout your lifetime?

Nancy Hill, a resident at Maranatha Aged Care in Kallangur, studied at the Le Cordon Bleu School of Cookery in Paris, worked on a cooking TV show, and has studied under renowned Australian artists.

While she has lived in Queensland most of her life, she travelled extensively around Australian and overseas, during which time she formed a love for Queensland countryside, which can be seen in many of her oil paintings, drawings and sketches.

Nancy taught ‘home economics’ subjects in Queensland and then travelled overseas in 1956 where she studied in Paris, France at the Le Cordon Bleu School of Cookery and was awarded a double certificate.

While in Europe for 12 months, she visited may top art galleries, which fueled her other passion – art.

On her return to Australia, Nancy was appointed home economist for a large Australian company in Sydney and returned to Brisbane to do a two-part television program Cooking and Dressmaking.

Nancy followed up art by studying oil painting under Frank de Silva at the Royal Art Society, and later studied under Edith Miller.

She lived in Melbourne with her husband for five years and studied China painting to broaden her knowledge in all aspects of art.

On returning to Brisbane, she continued to study oils under the care of Eric Whisson, a well-known Queensland artist.

Nancy has paintings hung in galleries and shows in many places throughout Queensland, as a member of the Queensland Art Collective.

As well as painting general scenes for display and sale, Nancy has accepted a number of commissions, including a painting of the Brisbane Central District for a large Brisbane conference of which over 500 prints were made and distributed to most countries throughout the world.

In 1983, Nancy started a class for oil paintings in a Queensland retirement village. The members over the years have obtained great pleasure from these classes and it continues to grow in popularity.