A friendly face and hello

Regular visitors to our Gladesville Home will be used to seeing James Peden’s friendly face as he bids “Good Morning!” to everyone he meets.
James lives in Castle Hill, attends the local Christadelphian church and has worked at Ashburn House in Gladesville as an Activity Officer for four years.
He enjoys talking to the residents, calling bingo, assisting with hairdressing, giving out the newspapers and incoming mail such as birthday cards.
He said he loved the job because the residents enjoy the company.
“It makes a positive difference to the residents’ lives, as people love to be asked about themselves,” James said.
He takes an interest in residents’ families, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Sharing their birthdays and other special events was a thrilling experience, he said.
When James arrives at work, he loves to greet the residents with “Good Morning” and enjoys offering a smile and friendly words.
Fridays are special because outside entertainers come and sing for the residents, and James helps escort the residents to the Cronulla Theatre.
On Friday mornings there are also different religious services held every week, including Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Christadelphian.
Sometimes James even comes on a Sunday and joins the non-denominational service offered by Mark Blake.
He wouldn’t want to do any other job – it is fantastic to do something you love, James said.