Meet Our Staff

At Christadelphian Aged Care we have the most caring, supportive and compassionate staff members in the industry. What makes our staff different are the signature behaviours they represent. Staff members always work to delight & care for our residents. They understand the meaning of resolving, they will always work to help understand, solve and deliver to our resident and family members. Part of this also means they keep their promises, if they say they will do something, they will. What makes our staff go up and beyond the call of duty, is having a good support network, where achieving more can be done through working together.

Our staff members come from all different backgrounds, and have had different journeys and experiences to how they got here. Their stories are shared with you to help show what working with our residents mean to them.

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Tanya Pualilo,
Spiritual Care Coordinator



Kaylee is a Leisure and Lifestyle Officer at Casa Mia Aged Care in Padstow.

Leisure and Lifestyle Officer