Kaylee is a Leisure and Lifestyle Officer at Casa Mia Aged Care in Padstow.

Kaylee started as a Leisure and Lifestyle Officer at Casa Mia Aged Care in Padstow in June 2020, as a casual staff member, alongside her full-time university study.

She is currently in her fourth year at university, studying a Bachelor of Social Work, and aims to follow her career into mental health, substance abuse and/or as a hospital social worker.

Since joining the Casa Mia Leisure and Lifestyle team, Kaylee has completed two internships for her study, within both youth mental health and drug and alcohol abuse. Her role at Casa Mia has been a milestone in her career, and she has grown a love for the work and relationships she has made with residents.

For Kaylee, being able to come into Casa Mia and provide enjoyment and build friendships with the residents is the highlight of her role.

Kaylee enjoys health and fitness in her free time, and has played soccer since the age of five. She has also developed a love for gym style training in most recent years. She loves travelling and embarking on new adventures, with her most recent goal to travel to Italy in the upcoming years.

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