Sabi is a recreational activity officer at Ashburn House in Gladesville

From the police force to aged care

From a police officer to teacher to working in aged care, Sabi from Ashburn House in Gladesville has already had a colourful career. Sarbjeet Kaur (Sabi) was born in September 1974 in the Indian State of Punjab in the Royal City…

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Fay was a missionary and midwife in Papua New Guinea for most of her life.

Stories from a midwife and missionary in PNG

After moving to Papua New Guinea in the 1950s, Fay spent her life as a missionary and midwife and delivered hundreds of babies over the years. Maranatha resident Fay was born in Auckland, New Zealand on November 9, 1927. She…

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Max Gilmore is Christadelphian Aged Care's oldest volunteer.

Our oldest volunteer reflects on history

My name is Max Gilmore and as the oldest volunteer for Christadelphian Aged Care, I’ve been asked to comment on the history of the site on which Southhaven stands and my time and experience as a volunteer.  In 1946, when the decision was…

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Retirement living at Courtlands Village in North Parramatta

The importance of taking time for yourself

We live in a beautiful country amid the creation of the world. This photograph is one I took from one of the balconies at Southhaven Aged Care. The photo got me thinking of the destruction that can be done by such a…

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