Armchair Travelling

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

The Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, Roman Colluseum, Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Christ the Redeemer, and the Statue of Liberty are just some of a larger collection of wonders around the world.

While some of us have had the fortunate opportunity to visit these wonderful monuments many haven’t.

‘Armchair Travel’ was introduced to our residents as a way to learn and experience a country’s culture in the safety of their armchair. It was soon discoverd by staff that this is one of the most loved activities amongst residents.

From the perspective of a resident, ‘Armchair Travelling’ is a serene experience. Residents will arrive to see their activity room transformed into a far away land. A country’s flag, animals and emblems decorated across the roof and walls. Tables consisting of a country’s tasty foods, and informative talks regarding a country’s cultural, social, and economic impact on the world.

Some ‘Armchair Travelling’ experiences have seen Courtlands residents ‘travelling’ to a country only 100 years young, Estonia. Casa Mia residents ‘explored’ the cultural and long history of Germany, ranging from Bavaria, to WWII, to now being one of the economic powerhouses of the 21st Century. Ashburn House residents were treated to a ‘trip’ to China, with the food tasting being a major highlight, pork dumplings, delicious!

They say travelling broadens the mind, and through this experience we hope that we can offer this to our residents. Our activity staff are always working on finding creative ways to keep our residents entertained and engaged.