New face joins the lifestyle team

RAOs Keren and Kerra from Maranatha Aged Care in Kallangur.

“Hello my name is Kerralye and I am excited to say I have recently joined the Activities Team here at Maranatha.

I was born in Adelaide and moved to Queensland when I was two years old. I grew up at Bracken Ridge and went to primary school. In the late 1980s, my family moved back to Adelaide and I started high school there.

It was in Adelaide that I met my husband and we are the proud parents of three sons.

Our family has travelled to all sorts of wonderful places. We started when the boys were quite young, when we lived in Alice Springs for six months then
moved to Darwin for three months. Places we have holidayed include Fiji, New Zealand, Tasmania, Perth, Singapore and Bali. In 2016, our family travelled to Vanuatu and then over to Tanna Island where we helped run a camp of 250 children at the Kapalpal school. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time on Tanna helping the children tie dye t-shirts, doing craft and making bracelets. We took soccer balls and bouncy balls over with us, so the boys had lots of fun playing out on the grass with all the other boys.

Kerralye Wright from Maranatha at Kallanur and her family.

We have been visiting Maranatha for many, many years. My grandma is here and I think it’s pretty exciting being able to see her every day.

My family and I have just moved down from Yeppoon, a coastal town in Northern Queensland, 25km from Rockhampton. In Yeppoon, we had 25 acres where we had a lot of fun with our two dogs and breeding sheep, geese, guinea pigs, chooks and turkeys. The boys had motor bikes and an old car they loved to race around the dirt track. I also used to have a market stall with my mother-in-law, where we made and sold cards, bags and various pot plants. We moved down to Brisbane to be closer to family and friends. It has been a big change for us all moving here, now we all have to get used to living in the city, with lots of traffic and living close to neighbours.

I have been working in aged care for about 18 months and I thoroughly enjoy myself. My interests are gardening, craft, cooking and camping.”