Masterchef hits aged care

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

There was no timer or watching the clock, but at a cooking class at our Gladesville Home everybody felt like a master chef.

Ashburn House regularly runs cooking activities for the residents where they create a range of yummy treats to be eaten on the spot or taken away for later.

This week the class decorated cupcakes with pink, green and chocolate icing, along with sprinkles and beautiful toppings that allowed the creativity of the residents to shine.

Gretta chose the green icing and went for a simple butterfly design on top, while Betty chose her favourite colour – pink – and decorated her cupcake lots of tiny pink and white butterflys with a large one in the middle.

Ruth showed her skills in the kitchen and chose green icing with sprinkles on top, and reminisced about how she always would put “100s and 1000s” on the top of children’s birthday cakes.

Some residents couldn’t wait to ice their cupcakes, and ate them straight away instead.

Masterchef classes are one of a variety of activities run at each of our Homes.