Torch relays and Armchair Travel: how we celebrated the Olympics


The Olympics may have been delayed a year, but that didn’t stop Christadelphian Aged Care residents enjoying the sporting achievements and celebrations with activities and festivities.

Casa Mia, Padstow

Casa Mia Leisure and Lifestyle Officer Kristine did an amazing job making Olympic decorations for the Home, including the Olympic rings (made out of pool noodles!), the Olympic Torch and the Cauldron.

They celebrated the opening ceremony by doing a torch relay from one end of the Home to the other! Thank you to Brian, Arthur, Jim and Raelene for carrying the torch and Pat and Rhonda for holding the Olympic Rings.

Residents travelled to Tokyo, Japan for Armchair Travel, where they learnt about the history of Japan and Tokyo Olympic advertising, listened to Japanese music and watched videos about the history and culture. They then “flew to the Olympic stadium” on Google Earth, where the Olympics are held in Tokyo.

Maranatha, Kallangur

Residents at Maranatha celebrated the Tokyo Olympics with a “lighting of the cauldon” for the grand opening of the Olympic Aged Care Games at Maranatha Stadium.

Two representatives, one from Side 1 and one from Side 2, simultaneously lit the symbolic torch that was passed to all the residents hands, and afterwards our Care Manager Kathy gave the Opening Message. The Home was decorated with Olympic decorations and the medals of gold, silver and bronze were given to the successful winners.

This month, Armchair Travel was geared for a trip to Japan. Residents were treated all to Business Class, had their passports stamped in Terminal 1 of Maranatha and were given special Japanese inspired meals wrapped in Nori (seaweed wrappers). Residents toured Japan from north to south, highlighting the various cultural backdrops and natural beauty of Japanese culture and tradition.

Northcourt, North Parramatta

Northcourt residents got into the Olympic spirit by holding our own Olympic-themed events throughout the two weeks of the Games. They kept a keen eye on the Australian medal tally and cheered as our teams brought home a total of 46 medals – 17 gold, seven silver and 22 bronze!

Southhaven, Padstow Heights

At Southhaven, residents celebrated the Olympics with lots of fun and lots of competition among residents and staff. They played a variety of games from striking balls to basketball, quoits, wheelchair races and many other fun activities, and gold medals were given to all our winners!