Understanding Spiritual Care at Christadelphian Homes

Spirituality is universal, deeply personal, and individual.

It goes beyond formal notions of ritual or religious practice to encompass the unique capacity of each individual. It is the core and essence of who we are, that spark which permeates the entire fabric of the person and demands that we are all worthy of dignity and respect.

Christadelphian Aged Care is committed to supporting residents in every aspect of their well-being, not only their medical and physical needs, but also social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Our Spiritual Care program

The Spiritual Care Program offers confidential and compassionate support to people facing difficult times such as illness, painful memories, anxiety, and loss of independence which is a response to Christ’s command to “love one another” (John 13:34).

The Spiritual Care Team are trained staff members who accept each individual for who they are and what they believe. They do not judge and believe that people can find encouragement and strength from their past experiences and hope for the future.

All Staff members are encouraged to refer residents who might benefit from regular visits by a Spiritual carer. Spiritual carers establish connections that will be helpful and supportive to residents when facing difficult times.

Residents’ family members might also benefit from talking to a Spiritual carer if appropriate.

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Grief is the human response to significant change, illness, or loss in our lives. Opportunities are offered to all residents to reflect on their life’s meaning or purpose.

Although Spiritual care is associated with support during times of ill-health, loss, and grief, it is important to understand that Spiritual care also brings meaning, purpose, and wholeness to assist a resident to flourish, grow and realise their potential in their final journey of ageing. This reinforces the concept that spirituality is part of everyday living and all those you connect with can share this spiritual journey.

Upon commencement of care services at Christadelphian Aged Care, spiritual choices, preferences, and needs are discussed with each resident to establish immediate and ongoing care. These spiritual choices, preferences and needs are integrated with clinical and life-style plans to support the resident in every aspect of their well-being.

Spiritual care is provided within a culture of acceptance, tolerance, and inclusivity. Spiritual views, beliefs, culture, values, and affiliations are respected and preserved.

We encourage you to connect with our Spiritual Care Team, previously known as the Volunteer and Pastoral Care team, who welcome you to Christadelphian Aged Care

National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care – Australian Government, Department of Health

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