#MeetTheStaff – Carmel , Volunteer & Pastoral Care Coordinator at our Kalangur Home

Carmel’s background is in banking, lending & mortgage broking since leaving school.

She decided to make the change to aged care in February 2018 when she was offered the part-time Coordinator role at Maranatha.

She continued to also work for Westpac until she went on a missionary trip to the remote island of Tanna-Vanuatu in August 2018 to run a kids camp at the Kapalpal School with her two kids.

She then decided to give banking away.

She is proud mother of 11 year old daughter Ashlyn-Kayte & 8 year old son Fletcher.

Carmel’s husband Chris is a Machine Operator in a Coal Mine in Central Qld, so lives away for extended periods.

Carmel is one of five children and they have a combined number of 20 children, so her busy family life is very important to her.

The whole family enjoy holidaying together most Christmas’ at the beach.

Carmel has travelled to: Thailand, England/Scotland, New Zealand numerous times, Bali five times, Vanuatu numerous times, 3 cruises, as well as a trip around Australia.

Some adventures include sky diving, walking up an active volcano, skiing, a helicopter flight & white water rafting.

Carmel recently turned 40 and enjoyed celebrating in various ways: a trip to Bali, a family dinner, a hot air balloon ride in the Hunter Valley and a ‘girls’ getaway with some of her friends.

Carmel is a member of the Christadelphians who meet at Woodford where she teaches Sunday School and is the Church Treasurer.

She is actively involved in Church life and looks forward to when Jesus will return to earth to bring peace.

Carmel has recently completed a Pastoral Care course which will help her in her role in assisting residents maintain their spiritual wellbeing.

She enjoys working at Maranatha.