#MeetTheResidents – John, North Parramatta Home

John was born in Scotland. He was married to his wife and had two children;

By learning and training, John would go on to work as a Horticulturist and worked at several gardens including Sydney Botanical Gardens for a number of years.

John is also a trained calligrapher, which he continues to enjoy until this day.

He has used his talents for both family and friends on special occasions, and has also served as a calligrapher at church.

Other talents John has and rather enjoys is painting, which he has displayed in his room. Other hobbies include ballroom dancing, gardening and travelling.

An avid traveller, John has travelled all over Australia with family and even back to Scotland to visit family back home.

John moved to Courtlands Retirement Village to be
close to his wife , who required nursing care in the Grange.

While he was in the retirement village, he enjoyed teaching ballroom dancing to other residents.

After a number of years, John moved into the Grange, where he is very well liked by the staff and fellow residents.