#MeetTheResidents – Carol

Carol was born in the Maryborough area of QLD in the 1930s.

Growing up, Carol’s family loved music and Carol loved to dance and would often have Sunday afternoon sing along with the piano accordion, harmonica and lots of harmony. Carol has lots of stories about living on the farm, and how her Grandmother favoured her. Carol has stories about the indigenous working and living on the farm and living with the family at the farm house. Carol was an adventurer, her working life was a busy one from working in the hospitality industry to working as a hostess on the trains, working on stations as a cook.  Carol has travelled all over Australia. Carol has an amazing photo collage in her room, she will be able to tell you all sorts of stories about the photos.

Carol married her husband Brian and had a son and daughter in the 60s. Before moving to Brisbane and where Brian began work as a truck driver. Carol after a few years moved back to Maryborouh.  Carol lived there with her dear friend Betty. The children lived with their grandparents when Carol was working.  Carol and the children eventually were given housing in the Maryborough area where they lived in a 2-bedroom house for 5 years. Carol petitioned with the clerk of the court to get a 3-bedroom house, so my brother and I did not have to share a room. Carol ended up changing the Government Housing Law to children of different sex no longer having to share a bedroom. Carol and her children moved and settled into the house next door where the family lived for 50 years.  Carol often worked 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet.

At 47 Carol had a stroke and fought her way back to learn how to drive, and function.

Carol thoroughly enjoyed keeping her garden and lawns looking immaculate. Carol lived in a nice street with great neighbours, each day the neighbours would meet at Carol’s for an afternoon beverage and a catch up. Carol is looking forward to attending her granddaughters wedding at the end of September this year.