Reaching out to show God’s love

Reaching out to show God's love
Christadelphian ecclesias showed their support for staff and residents during the lockdown periods last year by sending gifts and messages of appreciation.

Knowing you are being thought of and prayed for, no matter who you are or the circumstances you find yourself in, is a powerful feeling.

A number of Queensland ecclesias and the West Ryde Family Church (NSW) have taken this to heart and blessed staff by showing their support and kindness, particularly during and after COVID-19 lockdown periods.

Robyn Henry, a member of West Ryde Ecclesia said although some of their members were living at Courtlands, the church felt it was not directly involved with the Home.

An offer of support was discussed with Christadelphian Homes Head of Mission, Jane Burns, along with West Ryde member Keren Dando, who took up the challenge and formed an enthusiastic West Ryde group to support our hard-working staff who were working under much pressure during lockdown.

A gift bag was put together for around 180 staff, including a card expressing an appreciation for the care shown to the residents, wished them God’s blessing and sent their love.


An encouragement email was later sent to all staff members. Sadly, Courtlands and Northcourt experienced further COVID-19 lockdowns and so Operation Chunky KitKat was organised, with each member of staff receiving a chunky KitKat.

Fiddle mats and birthday cards were also lovingly made and distributed among the residents. Aged care homes are always looking for vases, and so these were also provided.

In December a delivery of some 500 Christmas gifts arrived to be distributed to staff members and residents at Courtlands Aged Care, Courtlands Village and Northcourt. A carols event was also put together around the story of Christmas – Jesus’ birth and the joys this brings.

“The project has been extremely beneficial for the West Ryde church family,” Robyn said.

“The various operations have drawn us together with a common purpose and linked us more closely to the work of the Homes,” she said.

“We wanted to be connected to staff and residents, share God’s love and compassion, and assure them that they are always in our prayers. We look forward to continuing our connections with these Homes.”

There were many other ecclesias and individual members who also contributed during the year, and many let us know they were praying for the Homes, our residents and staff.

There are many ways you too can support staff and residents as an ecclesia or individually.

Small gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness are appreciated as we show God’s work in actions.