Longest-serving volunteer

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

Mary Pye has been volunteering as Ashburn House almost since the doors opened on the newly built Home next door to her a decade ago.

“Ashburn House made an appeal to our local church for volunteers, and I offered to go along,” she said.

“We present parts of the Bible and use lots of illustrations and even a little drama.”

She is part of a group that holds monthly meetings for anyone interested in talking and hearing about the Bible.

“We try to tailor what we say to whoever attends, and not make it too complicated,” Mary said.

“We also try to go around and visit between monthly meetings.

The residents all love the old hymns so they sing songs together and read the Bible.

“It’s something I feel God wanted me to do, and I live right next door so I don’t have much excuse,” Mary said.

“When I get there and start talking to people I feel a lot better myself, so it’s a two way thing.”

Mary’s efforts were recognised at Ashburn’s 10th anniversary celebrations in September.

For more information about volunteering at Ashburn House contact Nerida O’Neill on 0435 946 184.