Giving Back To The Drought & Fire Affected Communities

Giving Back To The Drought & Fire Affected Communities

Australia has seen some of the worst bush-fires and droughts on record, with us all glued to our TV’s and phones seeing the incredible images coming from these devastated areas. Those affected by these troubling times have been constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

A greater sense of community spirit for lending a hand in times of need has been realised during this difficult period. Nearly half a billion dollars has been donated across several charities, crates upon crates of food and clothing donations and an influx of volunteers wanting to help.

Courtlands Village residents have raised over $11,000 in the past year for the Country Women’s Association of NSW. Annie, the Vice-President of this charity organisation was invited to accept the donation during the Courtlands Village January morning tea.

Annie was able to let our residents know where and how these funds will be distributed – families of those affected by droughts and fires in rural NSW areas. The CWA Charity is run by volunteers, and all monies go towards those in need.

Thank you to all those that have donated or volunteered during these times. The generosity shown by Australians and those around the world will make a huge difference in the long run.