I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how overwhelmed my family is by the high standard of care and the facilities provided to our father, Earle Godbee since he has been at the Christadelphian Homes – Southhaven. To look for any placement in hurried and stressful circumstances I knew would never be easy, but from the first telephone contact with Kim Howard, I felt I might have found “the” place. My brother and I did compare other facilities, and although your driveway scared the daylights out of us initially, it has become just another road and nothing to fear since then. On that first day when we went to inspect your facilities Kim Howard allayed all our fears. Both my brother and I agreed that we had found someone we felt at home with and someone we could discuss any problems with at any time. Kim took us on a tour, showed us the room Dad would occupy, gave us the opportunity to talk with some of the residents and I was absolutely impressed when she left us alone with them to get their true comments without having any fear of reprisals or favours. We witnessed numerous staff/resident interactions that showed there was a very positive “tone” within the place. This is something that was of paramount importance to us. My family now raves about every single member of your staff that we have met. They are so personable, polite and extremely prompt with their care. I can only think that a place like this is one in a million. I believe staff are happy and dedicated if they are somewhere they love to be, and generally that comes from the top down, so I’d like to congratulate Management and in particular Kim Howard for all she has done for us over the past┬áthree weeks.