In my endeavour to find the meaning of the word “Maranatha” I found the answer to be somewhat complex but to put an answer into simple terms it goes back to the Aramaic word meaning “The Lord is coming’ – something we should keep in mind. I came to Maranatha firstly as a respite resident and after two such visits I decided it was the place for me to call home. I moved in early in the year 2011 and whilst I’m still perhaps a newcomer I have always felt very much at home and very happy. Naturally it’s not an easy decision to make but I have no regrets. The comfortable accommodation, the cheerfulness, care and compassion shown to and by all is something money doesn’t buy. Apart from staff a great team of volunteers is always on hand always willing to share their time in whatever area they may be needed. At present the buildings are currently being upgraded with improvements in many area to add to our comfort and convenience. I’m looking forward to enjoying more years yet within The Christadelphian Aged Care.