On behalf of my family and myself I would like to say thank you to all concerned with looking after Evan during his four years at Ashburn House. A number of staff need a special mention. Our very first contact at Ashburn was with Stephen whose bright and cheery greetings really made a difference. It is his happy demeanour that made us choose to join Ashburn House community. When Evan heard Stephen’s wonderful Irish voice he would always look up with a smile. Stephen made entertainment events fun and memorable. My family and I appreciated his ‘Grand’ help and he really makes things happen! Libby formed a close bond with Evan from the very start. She took the trouble to really get to know about him and what he cared about, and from that knowledge created special activities which related to his life — he really loved her visits. Cora and Barbara (now retired), always attended to meeting the needs of Evan and the other residents – whether it be the mundane day-to-day activities or organising more involved family meetings that needed Skype and phone three-way chats. Asha and Shirley, the front desk ladies, always so cheery, friendly and helpful, are the face of Ashburn House and a welcoming sight who really connect with the families — whether in happy or difficult times. Special thanks must go to the Staff who worked in the Kimberly wing.