We have seen tremendous progress in renovations, and refurbishments across our homes. With plenty more projects still to be undertaken, here is a brief look at what’s been completed in the past 6-months, and what we have planned for our Homes going forward.

Ashburn House
Plans are being finalised to implement a complete new air-conditioning system throughout Ashburn House. This will be completed in 5 stages.

As touched on in the previous Candelight, the plans for a major renovation of Ashburn House are also now being finalised, which will include an overhaul to our design, infrastructure and technologies.

Casa Mia
With our last major refurbishment at Casa Mia happening only 5 years ago, we are constantly looking to improve and rejuvenate our homes with new overhauls.
The completed refurbishment of the common area will feature new flooring and painting throughout. When resident rooms become available these are also being refurbished with 7 having been completed so far, (photos on page 11), including the palliative room, and plans for newly revamped bathrooms commencing next year.

Investigations have also taken place to help discover how to make our dementia outdoor areas more useable, which would include expanding and upgrading our outdoor areas, as well as designing a new covered front entrance area.

Chamberlain Gardens
The reception area has been upgraded with new furniture in the reception area and we are looking to update our current cool room, to give the kitchen team a larger cool room space for storage of cold goods.

The Terrace stage 2 renovations are nearing completion, with stage 3 to commence shortly after.
Our cosmetic refurbishment to the The Grove has also commenced, and will be completed in 6 stages. Then the Grange refurbishment will follow. The planned refurbishment includes new flooring, repainting, new lighting fixtures to the lounge/dining area, and resident rooms in a staged process.

Our Hibiscus (dementia) wing entrance has been upgraded, creating a more user friendly, separate entrance to Bluegum Wing.

We have also seen 2 more properties purchased by Christadelphian Aged Care in the Maranatha area, and demolition works will soon begin.

Enquiries are also being made into improving the front lagoon area, including new concrete pathway which will hopefully encourage residents, families and staff to make more use out of the front garden areas.

We have completed the installation of a coffee station area, with a fabulous new coffee machine that all the residents and visitors are loving.

Retirement Living
Courtlands Village has been actively undertaking renovations on independent living units as they become available. To date, nearly 30 units have been completed; 4 are currently in-progress with more likely to undergo refurbishment this year. The renovations generally include repainting throughout, new flooring, joinery and lighting, as well as kitchen and bathroom upgrades (where required).
In the last 12 months we have seen 15 units renovated at Maranatha Village, as well as the construction of 2 new units, and 2 units refurbished at Westcourt Village.

Preliminary plans for major renovations to the upper floor of the Treetops building at Southhaven are currently being finalised. This will create a completely fresh new look and feel, with the refurbishment scope including new furniture, flooring, painting, layout alterations and upgraded facility services.