MARCH 2019

7th – March Northpine Childcare visiting
8th – Dawn’s Sing a Long
20th – Wayne’s Music
21st – Northpine Childcare visiting
24th – 1:45-3pm Christadelphian Choir – Concert theme “Look up”
29th – March Birthday party concert by Rose Alexander
30th – Official Opening Maranatha Garden Railway 9:30am

APRIL 2019

4th – Northpine Childcare
5th – Dawn’s Sing a Long
11th – Henny Penny Chicks arrive here until 26th April
17th – Easter theme with Wayne’s Music
26th – Monthly Birthday Party concert by Eric and Jacinta

MAY 2019

8th – Wayne’s Music
17th – Dawn’s Sing a long
31st – Monthly Birthday Party concert by Matty Bateson