Volunteering part of life

Tiana with her Library Cart

Tiana is a senior high school student but still finds time to volunteer at Ashburn House in Gladesville every week.

Volunteering has been a constant part of Tiana’s routine for about three years, when she began as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award.

“The experience of volunteering has been truly invaluable to me. I’ve really been able to grow thanks to Ashburn House – in responsibility, maturity and as a whole,” Tiana said.

“Interacting with the residents is my favourite part about volunteering here, especially as I get to know each one better. I hope to continue my volunteering past high school. Living in the area, I find Ashburn House to be the perfect place to give back my own community.”

Tiana runs the library cart and delivers books to residents’ rooms every fortnight.

“I really enjoy talking to the residents about the books they read each week and love to be able to pick out different books to bring around,” she said,

Outside of volunteering at Ashburn House, Tiana as also spent time in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory as part of a school trip.

“Here I was able to help the children at the local primary school in their classes. Being able to help these children who were all around six or seven years old was an enriching experience and one my prized memories,” she said.

She also travelled to Vietnam and volunteered at an orphanage in Saigon, from where her family originates.

Tiana also loved baking and cake decorating, and spending time with her cocker spaniel Lexie.

She hopes to study medicine or biochemistry when she finishes school.

If you are interested in volunteering at any of our Homes please contact our Pastoral Care and Community Services Manager, Stuart Muir, on 0425 293 792 or smuir@chomes.com.au.