Students were paired with residents at Courtlands Aged Care in North Parramatta to share life stories.

Sharing life stories between generations

An intergenerational reminiscence program at Courtlands Aged Care in North Parramatta is celebrating the lives of elderly residents and fostering relationships between young and old. The program involved students from Tara Anglican School for Girls, and linked a resident with…

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Rachel Laing has volunteered with her groodle Jackson in North Parramatta for almost three years,

Sharing the love of animals through Pet Therapy

When Rachel Laing first started volunteering at Courtlands Aged Care around three years ago she didn’t realise how much she would gain from the experience. Every week she brings her dog Jackson, a cross golden retriever and poodle, to share…

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Judy Muir volunteers to run an art therapy class at Southhaven Aged Care.

Art therapy and dementia

A volunteer art therapy program is focusing on the area of the brain that is often the last to be lost to dementia. For art teacher Judy Muir the end product is never the point of her classes. She volunteers…

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