Simple gift brings joy

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

A simple gift has brought joy to the life of one Albion Park aged care resident with vision impairment.

The Ridgeview Bible Reading group meets every Thursday at our Illawarra Home and is run by volunteers Cheryl and Cindy (pictured with Jessie above).

Residents enjoy this quiet time to come together and read, reflect and discuss God’s word.

But for resident Jessie, who is vision impaired, it is a daily challenge to stay connected to God’s word as she is no longer able to read her Bible.

Volunteer Cindy and her husband Romeo purchased a special CD player and the entire Bible on CD for Jessie to listen to in her room.

When Jessie received her gift and listened to the Bible on CD she burst into tears and said “the Lord is good and watching over me – I can listen to the Bible when I go to bed at night”.

It was so touching to see how much joy and delight came from a simple act of kindness.