Residents pampered in Tranquility Spa

Imagine receiving your first massage, manicure or pediucure at 80 or 90 years old.
Residents at our Albion Park Home are enjoying regular pamper sessions at their newly opened Tranquility Spa, and for some this is the first time they have experienced such treatments.
The spa room offers massage, manicures, pedicures and other treatments residents can choose from a list in their rooms.
The Home surveyed the residents and found they were very interested in having a spa room on-site, so staff transformed
a room into the Tranquillity Spa with a massage table, beautiful pictures, soft towels and flowers.
While for some people massages, manicures and pedicures are a regular part of their lives, for many residents it will be
their first time receiving such treatments.
“Many of the residents didn’t know what a manicure or pedicure was, so we had to explain it to them,” Facility Manager Michelle Murphy said.
“They definitely come from a different era and it’s something very new to them, so we want to make it a special experience.”
The spa is be run by the Leisure and Lifestyle team, and residents can choose their treatment and book in a time on available days.
They are offered herbal tea to help them relax, and soft, calming music will be played in the background.
A staff member was supported to complete a massage training course and is now fully qualified.
“It’s part of that general wellness model where we try to improve the overall health and wellness of our residents,” Michelle said.
The spa room program complements other initiatives set up at Ridgeview recently, such as buffet meals and the opening of their Wellness Centre, where physiotherapists and the health team have space to offer group and individual therapy programs for rehabilitation and to help residents stay independent for longer.