Residents get social in day program

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes

A new adult day program at Ridgeview in Albion Park is giving residents more direction and variety in their lives.

Many residents who come to live in residential aged care can initially feel lost, and outside of the regular lifestyle program find it difficult to take advantage of the recreation amenities throughout the Home.

To help support residents such as these, Ridgeview has launched an adult day program downstairs to offer more structured activities for those who need them.

“We had a lovely gentleman here who, when he came to the Home, was very lost and was constantly wandering around asking staff and residents what he should do next,” Facility Manager Michelle Murphy said.

“I had in mind a coordinated program where the residents go and spend the day and do a number of different activities and socialise with one another.”

She worked with the Leisure and Lifestyle team to develop the program and identify residents it would benefit most.

“We looked at those who were isolated and needed encouragement, as well as new residents who would benefit from the opportunity to socialise with other residents and help them in that settling-in period,” Michelle said.

The program offers cooking, craft, bingo and movies, along with ball and balloon games, and ladies and men’s days.

“People have more direction and are not as socially isolated. We’ve had really positive feedback from families”