From the police force to aged care

Sabi is a recreational activity officer at Ashburn House in Gladesville

From a police officer to teacher to working in aged care, Sabi from Ashburn House in Gladesville has already had a colourful career.

Sarbjeet Kaur (Sabi) was born in September 1974 in the Indian State of Punjab in the Royal City of Patiala. The youngest of four children, Sarbjeet’s mother proudly raised her household. Her father was a police officer who sadly, unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack when Sabi had just finished high school. Sabi completed her Bachelor of Arts at Punjab University Chandigarh and has a Diploma in Computer composition.

A keen sportswoman, Sabi was captain in basketball at school and later on at university taking part in many competitions winning many titles.

Beginning her working career, Sabi was offered to join the Police Force as her father had been a member of the force and because Sabi was a strong contributor within a sporting fraternity. Sabi did join the police force as she felt obligated to follow in her father’s footsteps but found her passion instead as a teacher of the Punjabi language at Jain Modern Private School in Punjab Patiala for four years.

Meeting her husband through family members, Sabi was selected by her future husband’s family to join theirs if she so chose to. Sabi is grateful she had already known her husband through family circles and events years prior to marrying.

Husband Ajit Singh was a businessman in Punjab. They married in a traditional Sikh ceremony and celebration with around 400 guests in 2000. Her son Kevin was born in India in 2004 with the family relocating to Australia in 2006 and daughter Amber following in 2014, born in Australia. Kevin is now doing very well at high school at Casimir Catholic College in Marrickville while Amber has enthusiastically began kindergarten this year at St Bridget’s Primary School.

Sabi began employment at Ashburn House as an Assistant in Nursing in 2009, also helping out in the kitchen and laundry before taking on her current role as a
popular member within the Leisure & Lifestyle Team. Sabi has embraced learning traditional Australian songs that she sings with the residents often and has a wide residential audience. The residents of Ashburn House love Sabi’s smiling face and happy demeanour when she is with them.