Northcourt residents announce their engagement

Christadelphian Aged Care Homes residents

Romance can bloom in the most unexpected places, but for aged care residents Diane and John they couldn’t be happier.

The residents of Northcourt Aged Care in North Parramatta announced their engagement this week after a six-month courtship.

“I just thought it strange that I had to wait until this stage of my life to meet someone I consider a perfect partner,” John said.

When Diane moved into the Home in January he knew straight away she was someone special.

“Two of her daughters were showing her around, and they found out that I liked playing cards but didn’t have anyone to play with. One of them mentioned their mum played 500, so I thought, ‘things are looking up’!”

Diane said even her family liked John as soon as they met him.

“I love the fact that he was open, honest, and big and cuddly. My daughter said to me I knew there was something about John. It’s in his eyes. And he’s always a gentleman,” she said.

John loved that Diane’s outspoken and her strong connection with her family.

“I’ve never really had a family life, and so it’s nice to see hers,” he said.

John proposed with a beautiful opal ring, which he says was a family heirloom.

The pair are most likely going to have two weddings – one with Diane’s family and one with their Northcourt family on the beautiful outdoor deck.

“We’re very happy, and I think the other residents are happy about it as well. We all know each other and there’s always support when needed,” Diane said.