Keeping social during lockdown

We know our residents

The staff at Christadelphian Homes continue to provide emotional support and practical activities to every one of our residents during lockdowns and outbreaks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand the importance of individualised care, which is why we develop activities and exercises tailored to each resident’s preferences and needs. Through the use of technology, we ensure that family members can connect with their loved ones as much as possible to bridge the physical distance.

Companionship and activities

Our compassionate nurses and Wellbeing Teams go above and beyond to make sure every resident receives multiple visits each day. They engage in one-on-one conversations and organise a variety of entertaining and interactive activities, such as ball darts, seated exercises, arts and crafts, dominoes, word searches, and crosswords. These activities not only keep our residents entertained but also help them stay active and engaged. 

We also understand the significance of sensory stimulation in enhancing wellbeing, so at times soothing hand massages and aromatherapy are incorporated into our residents’ routines, providing them with a comforting and relaxing experience. 

Armchair Travel has become a cherished activity during these challenging times. Our residents are virtually transported to countries around the world, exploring new cultures and expanding their horizons, all from the comfort of their chairs. 

Technology-enabled connections

To maintain strong connections with loved ones, we schedule regular video calls and phone calls. We also make courtesy calls to families to reassure them about their loved one’s emotional wellbeing, inform them about their participation in various activities, and provide updates on the COVID-19 situation. 

We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers, Sam and Julie Dando, who lead an online church service once a month, to allow our residents to continue participating in spiritual activities. 

Our incredible staff continue to go above and beyond, ensuring the health and wellbeing of all our residents during this difficult time. We are immensely proud of their dedication and care. 

Together, we will navigate through this pandemic and provide the support our residents deserve.